I have been hearing rumblings about Google’s Go programming language for a little while now. It sounds that the concurrency model is quite interesting and I have been meaning to learn more about it for a while. This weekend I found the opportunity to watch an excellent tutorial on programming in the language. This tutorial seems to have been designed for a learner like me: plenty of opportunity to follow along with hands-on programming, and assuming a fair amount of experience with the OS and with other programming. Having only finished about a third of this tutorial, I am looking forward to see how concurrency is implemented, after also taking a little break to watch a rather compelling talk by Rob Pike, one of the designers of the language, distinguising concurrency and parallelism.

While not clearly a good language for numerical computing, it seems that Golang would be useful for managing distributed computing resources. I hope that I will have some time to play around with it in the context of image processing, through my participation in the ImageXD workshop held at UC Berkeley this week.